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How Best to Prevent pests

Mouse Pest Control

Did you know that you can prevent rodents and pests from getting inside your home by just getting rid of a few key factors that attract them and blocking their entry points?  

Here are 5 ways that you can use to try and prevent pests from entering your home:

Clean the kitchen often
A common infestation from bugs and rodents are quite often linked to the kitchen. Ants, insects, and rodents all love the kitchen. The smell of food is very strong in the kitchen from a multitude of different sources such as: trash cans, the opening of fridges, dishes in the sink, and food in the pantry. Cockroaches particularly enjoy infesting kitchens especially when there is old or rotting food for them to eat. As a result Cockroach pest control can be hard to do unless you have ensured the kitchen is clean and tidy.

A few things that can be done to avoid pests in this area include:

Before you go to bed, ensure everything is clean as this is when the bugs and rodents like to come and search for food and items for their nest, etc.

Block the entry paths
A good tip is to block where rodents and bugs can get inside your home. When the weather starts to cool down, mice and squirrels look for nice areas that are warm and moist where they can get into, so that they can keep warm and breed.

Consider an electronic repellent
An electronic pest repellent is a safe method to get rid of pests in your home.  There are many benefits to using an electronic repellent, such as:

Vacuum your home often
A good way to get rid of rodents is to ensure there is nothing on the floor they can eat or use for nesting. If bugs have laid eggs in your carpet, they will be picked up when you vacuum the floor, which is why it is a good idea to vacuum often to ensure you get rid of any eggs before they hatch.

One good way to get rid of pests is to set up traps in your home to try and capture them. Rats and Possums can be captured easily once it is known where they are entering the house from, this is a more humane and kinder way of dealing with a pest infestation.

There is no getting rid of pests from the food chain, but tips like the above can ensure they stay far away from your family home as possible. If you don’t make your home easy to live in, the mice and rodents are not going to hang around if there is no food source and no warm dark places to hideout.

Professional pest removal companies are also a great way you can learn more about what attracts rodents and just the right ways to get rid of them for good.