Year: 2020

What Is Docker and Why Are Developers Using It

Today’s container hype, Docker, founded by Solomon Hykes in 2010, becomes an open-source project making applications’ development, deployment, and operation inside isolated containers possible. While it can be a process running the background, it can also be a client command….

7 of The Most Common Internship Interview Questions

Whether you are 17 or 67 years old, whether you are an experienced executive looking to rise the ranks into a CEO position or a college student who’s been yearning to get your first internship, interviews are daunting for all…

Why Internships Are On The Rise More Than Ever In 2020

With the increasing number of students and fresh graduates looking for jobs, it is impossible to overlook the importance of an internship. That extra internship under your belt might be the deciding factor between you and the next candidate in…

Style your deck according to seasons

Some decks serve as a peaceful outdoor space to relax in after a day’s hard work. It could also serve as a place to wind down after a long day. Some are there to make more space for entertaining guests….

The Journey of a Recyclable Product

The process of recycling your garbage, through the segregation of plastics from papers, and rinsing off food from those items that are still reusable, one may wonder where recyclables go as soon as they get collected. The following are some…

Top 4 Differences in Internship Experience Small business vs Corporations

When you are searching for an internship, there are many options available to you. You can complete your internship at a startup, or you can go to work for a large firm. It doesn’t matter the size of the organization;…

How to Apply for a First Aid Course

In different parts of the globe, first aid has shown its importance over and over again. With the intervention of first aid, millions of lives have been saved. The importance and relevance of first aid can only continue to grow….

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News sites are changing the way you think

On 15 April 2013, as countless runners streaked past the end line in the annual Boston Marathon, two bombs exploded, ten minutes apart. Sixteen people lost limbs. As the world mourned the tragedy, news organisations embarked upon months, if you…

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The way we greet each other has changed with Covid-19

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way we socialize, and bodily greetings with potential to spread the virus are one of its cultural casualties. However, the ways people around the world are adapting to the new reality implies that we have…

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Will the car market ever recover?

For weeks, the UK’s motor industry was in suspended animation. Showrooms are closed. Vast factories, which generally create hundreds of cars daily for sale here and overseas, have been standing idle. However, now the sector is gradually shuddering back to…

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New York places a cap on food delivery apps

New York City has put limits on how much food delivery apps can charge restaurants which use their platforms. The proposition, which was put to the vote on Wednesday, will cap fees at 20 per cent and apply in emergencies…

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