Month: November 2020

What Is Docker and Why Are Developers Using It

Today’s container hype, Docker, founded by Solomon Hykes in 2010, becomes an open-source project making applications’ development, deployment, and operation inside isolated containers possible. While it can be a process running the background, it can also be a client command….

7 of The Most Common Internship Interview Questions

Whether you are 17 or 67 years old, whether you are an experienced executive looking to rise the ranks into a CEO position or a college student who’s been yearning to get your first internship, interviews are daunting for all…

Why Internships Are On The Rise More Than Ever In 2020

With the increasing number of students and fresh graduates looking for jobs, it is impossible to overlook the importance of an internship. That extra internship under your belt might be the deciding factor between you and the next candidate in…