Home renovation and knock down and rebuild and Display homes in Melbourne

Total Time-frame for Home Building

The process of building a home can be slightly different per build. The home construction stages will take different amounts of time due to different requirements and designs for each home and the land. It is safe to admit that a new home can take between 6-12 months depending on how complex the design is and how big the land is.

The contributing factors:


Buying land can be a long process that will be added to the total length of your build. You can take advantage of the long process and use it to ensure that you are ready for the build. Make sure the builders are ready with everything being settled such as designs.

Volume v/s custom

The time that it takes to build a home from scratch can be determined if you are dealing with a volume builder or a custom one. A volume builder will take certain stages of construction that are set and will be completed faster than making your designs on it all. A custom home takes longer due to the overall design and choice process. Luxury home builders in Melbourne and all over Australia can get the custom home building done for you. You also need to allow time for the building supplies and custom products that will need to be ordered and made. This will significantly affect the timeline of your construction.

The land

One part of building a home is preparing the land. A block of land needs to be steadied before any type of construction can be started. The reasons that can affect the preparation are whether the land is on a slope or not, what is the quality of the soil on the land. It is intelligent for you to go and get an opinion about how much the land preparation is going to cost and the estimate on the time it will take to prepare the land.

Weather conditions

You need to remember that there are some things that you won’t have control over when building your home and a good example is a weather. Severe weather can occur such a hail, heavy storms, and rainfall which can postpone the build. Even in summer, there are laws that state at a certain degree tradesman don’t have to work, which again can slow down the construction process.

Change of mind

If you change your mind about the already laid-out home design plans during the building process, this means that the building process will be delayed. Time and money can be saved if you are sure of everything before you start. If you decide to change windows or doors etc a new supplier might need to be found or the doors might need to be made which can add another month or more onto the building timeframe. Going over all your decisions a few times before commencing construction can help you to spot things you might have rushed into deciding.

The practical completion

This stage can be one of the longest. This stage consists of installing windows and doors, floor coverings, painting, and the last irrigation work. This stage can take around two months to complete. In the end, you will do a walk-through with the builder to ensure you are happy with everything and that nothing is damaged. If something is not as it should be this will need to be fixed before you move in which can add more delays to your final move-in date.

The Victorian Government has a first home deposit loan scheme that first homeowners can take advantage of!